Product Document Generator

Save Countless Hours with “One-Click” Document Generation

One of the most time-consuming tasks a sales rep has to do is to pull together all the sales sheets, technical documents, and specifications for the products and accessories they are selling and then customize and sort them specific for their quote.  This can take up 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes per quote or longer.  Complex quotes with lots of different line items can take the entire day.


Generate All-in-One PDFs

Imagine the time savings of generating all the sales documents and specs needed into one, organized PDF or Word  document to go along with your quote.

Helps Sales Reps Win More

Did you know that quotes when are more likely to get approved faster when sales literature is presented with the quote?

Easy for Sales Reps

All a sales rep has to do is quote.  eRep submittals rule engine does all the work of attaching the right document for the products, options, and services quoted.

Document Studio Tour

Once an opportunity, quote or order is completed, see how easy it is to generate a customized documentation submittal so the customer, a consultant, or end user can review and approve the sale and technical literature for the quoted products, options, and accessories.


Automate Document Generation

Give your sales reps all of the relevant information they’ll need to close the deal with their prospects. 

Rules Driven

No matter how simple or complex your product documentation, eRep’s rules engine makes it a snap to automate.

Engineering Selections

Plug-in output such as engineering calculations, ROI sales calculators, and other custom output.

Technical Submittals

Dimensions, tables,  drawings, weights, specifications, electrical and other technical information for the priced items.


Optimized for Size

Consolidated literature optimized for the minimum number of pages with the maximum sales impact.

Schedule a Consultation

Gathering quote-specific product literature for products that have several options and accessories and making it look professional is one of the most time-consuming tasks salespeople have to do – if they take the time to do it!   With eRep, it only takes seconds.    Contact us to learn what a big sales advantage eRep’s submittal generator has been for other sales teams.

“eRep is helping us to mistake-proof our quoting process. We were spending too much time and money correcting those problems.”

Steve Thurlkill


Submittal Engine – How it Works

Automating sales and technical document generation is simple for simplier product, but has eRep’s powerful configurator rule engine to automate the most complex of products.

Step 1 – Upload Your Product Docs

Grab a copy of all those PDF files related to the product and convert each page to a image file using fast and easy converters. Then upload in bulk or one by one to eRep and  assign to categories like product info, dimensions, accessories, specifications, terms, etc – whatever you want customers to see. 

Step 2 – Write Your Rules

Select an image file and write a rule as to when that image appears in a submittal. For example show this page when a user prices a certain product with certain options.  Or show this page when that accessory is added.
Don’t worry, we teach you how or we can do it for you and you maintain.

Step 3 – Setup Is Done

5 minutes and you just saved all your sales reps hundreds of hours per year – year after year!  Now repeat for other product files, test and push changes to production!    And your sales reps are going to love the time savings!   Watch the video above to see how they create the submittal documents after quoting.