eRep Parts Sales Module

Find, Quote, Order Parts

With advanced search features, customers can find and order replacement, spare, and stock parts on their own

Today’s Customers Expect to Purchase Online

Your sales channels and end customers need parts pricing and availability fast – and sometimes want to order when your parts department is busy or not open.  If you make them wait, they will search elsewhere.  Don’t lose high-margin parts sales because you don’t have an online option.


Search for the Right Part

eRep has advanced search features eCommerce sites don’t – Including searching your ERP orders for BOM

Quote Price, Lead Time, Inventory

In seconds, your parts department and sales channels can answer the questions customers always ask and email a quote.

Quote to Cash

Sales reps can pull up previous quotes and convert to orders in a snap. Approved end customers can buy with credit card or ACH.

Parts Sales Module Tour

See how your parts department, external sales channels, and even end-customers and quickly and easily search for the right replacement, warranty, or stock parts.

The parts list can be uploaded via Excel or automated to search your ERP items and Order lists.  Yes, eRep can even pull the BOM for previous order line items.

Search for Parts Anywhere

Do you think that most of today’s service tech’s want to wait for an answer from their sales rep who then calls the manufacturer to see how fast they can get a part?

Order Anywhere

Service techs can search for parts conveniently from their phone or tablet in the field – and make buying decisions on the spot.

Lead Time Answers

Its not just about price – its also how fast can a customer get it.  eRep can give those answers with the price without the customer having to call the manufacturer.

Distributor Friendly

Distributors can get answers to their customers faster to keep customers from looking elsewhere.  This closes more sales.


eRep Parts improves efficiency of your customers and the manufacturer’s parts department by reducing time and closing more high margin parts sales.

Schedule a Consultation

Part Sales can be used a stand alone module or with the CPQ.  Some of our customers started with Parts, then added CPQ and selection.  Schedule a quick call to find out what results you can achieve.

eRep Parts module had an immediate impact on our parts sales. Since we released the software, our parts sales have increased 60% and we need less full-time persons in our parts department.

Michael Bernard

Johnson Controls

Parts – How it Works

eRep Parts works the way manufacturer’s parts department work – search, quote, then order.  End customers sometimes need to get approvals before ordering.  So being able to save quotes, then submit the order later is critical for B2B parts sales.

Quick Setup

Export your ERP parts list to Excel, clean the data and upload the spreadsheet to eRep.  Fill in upsell and cross-sell tables if you want to grow more sales.

Or, integrate with your ERP for live updates and lookups.

Intelligent Searching

Search by product, part number, serial number, type, and even custom search criteria that fits your business. You can even search previous equipment orders (ERP integration required)!  See price, lead time, and even inventory availability before adding it to the quote.

Quote to Order

Add items to the quote, send quote to customer, or convert immediately to an order to the factory.  Customer discounts are automatically looked up and applied.

Purchases can be made with purchase orders, credit card or ACH payments. Freight and tax integrations available.