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eRep: The CPQ for JD Edwards

Drive Deeper Integrations Between Your ERP and CPQ

Extend the knowledge of your product experts to your channel sales partners while delivering real-time product and pricing information from your ERP through the integration of eRep CPQ and Oracle JD Edwards. Seamlessly connect data about your quotes, orders, items, customers and more with our bi-directional, API-driven integrations. 


Connect JD Edwards and eRep CPQ

Bridge the gap between your internal sales and support teams and external channel partners.


Sync Relevant Data

Automatically update eRep’s account, order status, product, and pricing data with a JD Edwards integration. eRep can send quote and order information back into JDE. eRep’s API lets JD Edwards update your channel partners eRep portal in real-time.

Quotes and Orders

Let your sales reps quote in eRep and submit orders to JD Edwards directly. JD Edwards generates the BOM and allows order processing to complete the order, just as you would do it today.

Maintain Data in One Place

Continue to manage your product and pricing tables – even configuration rules – in JD Edwards, so you don’t have to maintain two systems. eRep natively reads JDE rules and allows your users to configure your products in a user-friendly, web-based quoting solution.


Talk to an Integration Expert

Our team has connected with dozens of software platforms over the years using a variety of technologies. We’ve designed systems that power mission-critical operations for some of the world’s largest companies. You can count on our team to advise you on how to create stable, fast, and intuitive integrations to give you confidence and clarity with your important business data.