eRep CPQ: Distributor Edition

eRep CPQ for Distribution

eRep CPQ: Distributor Edition offers a modern cloud platform that empowers distributors, manufacturer’s rep firms, and dealers to track project opportunities while quoting faster and selling smarter. By maintaining all supplier pricing in a centralized database, eRep enables faster quote delivery for shorter sales cycles and increased revenues, streamlined pricing updates, and increased visibility with advanced reporting and business intelligence.


Distributors Need the eRep Solution?

Distributors, Manufacturer’s Reps, VARs, and Resellers lifeblood is sales.  And every week, your sales teams are losing orders because they can’t get a quote out in a timely manner.  Or they don’t have time to follow-up on previous quotes.

That’s why you need to be able to find, price, and quote quickly and accurately from multiple supplier price lists. And management can generate reports without having to distract sales.


ERPs and Spreadsheets are Inefficient and Slow

ERPs are typically too slow and lack the features most sales organizations need to generate quotes fast. And home-grown spreadsheet solutions have their own set of problems – like lack of reporting.

Quote Delays Lead to Lost Deals

In today’s world, customers need answers now.  How fast a salesperson can get a quote and lead time to a customer is critical to closing more sales and keeping customers coming back before they look for your competitors.

Knowledge is Power

With access to real-time visual reports and dashboard information, Managers can manage their sales teams more efficiently and scale sales to a new level without disrupting the sales teams to prepare reports. This results in lower costs and more sales.

Fast and Easy Quoting

Watch how easy it is to search for products and create a quote, then send it as a pdf to your customer.

Schedule a demo to see advanced features such as write-in pricing or creating your own custom quote templates.

Distributors Love These Features


Easy Search and Price

Quickly search and find the right products and services from the right supplier to add to your quote.  Search by part number, family, category, and description makes it fast and easy to find.

Add Write-In's on the Fly

For some quotes, salespeople need to add a product or service that isn’t in your database. With eRep CPQ, adding Write-In products is as easy as typing it in and clicking Save.

Accurate Calculations

eRep looks up default costs, pricing, Discounts, Commissions, markups and calculates Margins. eRep allows the salesperson to edit these values in the quote for flexible pricing when needed.

Import and Export

Drastically reduce manual entry time and errors by uploading customer RFQ spreadsheets with automated pricing look ups.  Also export line items to Excel if needed.

Spreadsheet-Like Editing

Customers change their mind and quotes need to change with them.  eRep CPQ allows fast in-line spreadsheet-style editing for super-fast changes.

Orders flow to Your ERP

Need to integrate?  eRep’s API webservice allows eRep 100% accurate orders to flow directly to your ERP’s as a quote or order, ready for processing.

eRep is Loaded with Time Saving Features


Copy Quotes and Line Items

Sales reps love how eRep saves them time by copying line times from one quote to the next to create alternate quotes to the same customer, or different quotes to multiple customers.

Templates That Save Time

Save even more time by creating your own templates of common products and services.  Then create new opportunities already pre-configured for editing and converting to a quote.  Let us show you this amazing feature.

Collaborate With the Whole Team

If multiple people are involved in creating or approving quotes, eRep allows the creator to share their quote with other users for collaboration quoting.

Enhance the Functionality

Sales Managers love eRep’s report and dashboard designer and reporting engine which delivers live reporting and analytics of quote and other sales activities.

Reporting & Forecasting

eRep Professional and Enterprise comes with a powerful reporting and dashboard designer and engine to give managers the visibility to make strategic decisions that accelerate sales and increase margins while decreasing costs.

Parts Online Sales

Select which customers you would like to order online using eRep’s part sales quoting and ordering system.  This increases sales on products that customers while giving salespeople more time to focus on their quotes and orders.