Staying Informed Throughout COVID-19: Three Ways eRep Can Help

by | Apr 7, 2020

Businesses across the globe are stressing right now. Market volatility is leading to unpredictable demand. Widespread government lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are forcing organizations to adapt to working remotely. Plus, there’s an ever-present concern about the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus that has people wearing masks in public and social distancing.

As the world copes with the current situation, having the right processes, platforms, and tools in place to support customers, partners, and employees is needed. From messaging tools like Slack, Trello and Microsoft Teams to meeting tools such as Zoom, Skype and GoToMeeting, teams are having to adapt quickly. Workers accustomed to being face-to-face are having to adjust quickly to keep the business stabilized.

On top of having your employees acclimate to working from home, businesses also have to get used to their sales reps, channel partners and vendors being remote too. Keeping everyone on the same page in this fluid environment can be challenging. Fortunately, eRep can help with this. 

Here’s how eRep helps Manufacturers and their Distributors stay informed

eRep Home Page

When a sales rep logs into eRep, you can configure eRep to display a home page instead of taking a user to their dashboard. The home page allows you to display or update your current notices, COVID-19 messages, or display new products, pricing change announcements, shipping notices, or links to important information. These pages are secure and can be shown across your organization.

Since you know your reps are doing quotes in eRep, this is an efficient way to post updates to them in addition to any emails you may be sending out.

Accurate Forecasting

With eRep’s BINOC reporting tool, sales managers can see all activities, including outstanding opportunities, quotes, and orders as they happen.  Ask your Sales reps to revise the closing probability and expected close dates of their quotes, along with updating the ones that are going dead or due to changes in the economy. These updates will automatically flow into accurate sales forecasts and pipeline reports, helping to inform management to make better decisions for the business.

Price Changes

Businesses that need to make updates to pricing, discounts or shipping dates during a crisis can use eRep to adjust and communicate these changes fast. eRep enables companies to push price changes quickly and efficiently with the announcement the same day. This allows companies to get important changes to the field quickly and efficiently so quotes and orders created are done with the latest pricing.

Next Steps

If your company is already using eRep and in need of help, please contact your project manager. We are ready to serve you.

If you are interested in finding out n how eRep can help your company in this time, contact your representative at BCA Technologies and we’ll be happy to assist you today.

Feature image provided by Mohammad Fahim  from Pixabay.