Companies with the best information win all the time

by | Feb 27, 2019


If a sales manager could click and see the opportunities, quoting and sales activities of their sales channels this week, and drill down to the sales rep offices that were not quoting, and know what large quotes they were working on, would that help the sales manager?

Most companies only see orders and their sales managers “sortof know” what their sales pipeline is, but its hard to get an accurate data of who is quoting and who is not – and what they are quoting – and when.

Why? Because the sales reps are using spreadsheets, Word documents, or other systems to do their quotes. The sales data is all over the place.

Creating a forecast based on this incomplete pipeline information becomes a guessing game.

sales dashboard and reporting

Companies that have real-time information can make decisions faster.

  • Seeing if new sales reps are on boarding quickly
  • Identifying sales reps that are not quoting and help them
  • Seeing sales activity data in visualizations and graphs
  • Production planning based on pipeline before orders come in

All this is possible if your company has the right software platform that makes it fast and easy for your sales channels to get pricing for your products and the company can have access to the real time sales activity…

You can….with eRep CPQ BINOC business intelligence reporting that lets you design, create, and modify your own reports and dashboards.

Inside sales, outside sales, OEM, whatever sales channels you have – you get full visibility of the leads, opportunities, quotes, and orders in process before they become orders.

No more aggravation preparing manual Excel reports that take hours to prepare…

No more wasted time begging sales reps to send in their forecasts and reports

Just select a report, and get the data you need when you need it. No other CPQ has such a powerful reporting and analytics tool.

Want to see how powerful it is? Or how easy it is to create reports and dashboards?